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Owen Jones nominated for most influential left-wing thinker of 2010/2011

Josh Oldham 4 August 2011

Owen Jones, author of Chavs: Demonization of the Working Class, has been nominated for Left Foot Forward's Most Influential Left-Wing Thinker of 2010/2011, acknowledging his impressive contribution in bringing issues of inequality back into the debate surrounding the future of the Left.

Owen has intelligently and articulately argued the case that New Labour failed to address the politics of inequality, using the debate around the word ‘chav' to illustrate how modern Britain continues to be led by its attitudes and responses to class.

Further praising Jones' impact on the political discourse in the last year, Olly Parker and Natan Doron of the Fabian Society noted his ability to present progressive and honest viewpoints without alienating the more moderate audiences he often speaks to in his TV and media work.

[...] Owen has often managed to argue a traditional hard-left point of view without coming across as completely mad. The media love to drop your archetypal "mad lefty" - or indeed "mad right-winger" - into TV debates for the sake of entertainment. Owen has not played up to this but has instead sensibly made arguments that the public can understand and relate to.

Visit Left Foot Forward to read the full article. The shortlist for nominations is announced on Monday 12th September, and the poll closes on Friday 7th October, so don't forget to vote!

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