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New Left Review—new issue out now

Josh Oldham25 August 2011

The July/ August issue of the New Left Review has been released, featuring, amongst others, the following essays:

Malcolm Bull: Levelling Out

Beyond existing articles about equality, might the praxes of permanent and passive revolution offer a way to conceptualise a more expansionary levelling? Drawing on motifs from Nietzsche, Babeuf, Marx and Gramsci, Malcolm Bull traces the contours and consequences of extra-egalitarianism.
Malcolm Bull is the author of the forthcoming Verso book, Anti-Nietzsche.

Kheya Bag: Rise and Fall of Red Bengal

After the CPM's ejection from office in Calcutta, how to explain the remarkable longevity of its rule and causes of its eventual downfall? Kheya Bag surveys the record of its three decades in power, and the mechanisms that sustained - and subverted - the party's hold on the state.


This issue also features the following two book reviews:

Tony Wood on Anabel Hernández, Los senores del narco. The structures of political complicity and corruption that have fuelled Mexico's drug wars.
Tony Wood is the author of  Chechnya.

Alexander Zevin on Paige Arthur, Unfinished Projects. Restoring Sartre's engagements with decolonization and anti-imperialism to their rightful place within his oeuvre.
Paige Arthur's Unfinished Projects is available in both hardback and paperback.


Visit the New Left Review website to access the current issue.

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