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Gareth Peirce interviewed on Democracy Now!

Francisco Salas 7 September 2011

English human rights solicitor and Dispatches from the Dark Side author Gareth Peirce joined Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!, where she discussed recently uncovered files detailing ties between U.S. and British intelligence and the Gaddafi regime's torture of dissidents.

In response to Prime Minister Cameron and President Obama's rejection of investigations into torture and extraordinary rendition, Peirce says,

It is absolutely critical that this not be put to rest, it's critical that if it's investigated, it be done publicly. Every organization in the world that has experience in how to eradicate torture insists upon two essential ingredients: first, that all the data that reveals torture is publicly known and understood; and secondly, that those on whose watch it happened, who were responsible, be brought to account. And neither of those preconditions is in existence in the construct that is present in Britain at the moment.

As for the prospects of human rights in the new Libya and internationally, Peirce comments,

Governments, yours and mine, have constantly not just backed the wrong horse—it isn't that simplistic a choice—we have backed and encouraged leaders of those countries that have been monsters, who have oppressed their people. If ever there was a moment for a revolution in our thinking, this is it. 


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