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Simon Critchley everywhere on 9/11

Phan Nguyen 9 September 2011

Simon Critchley is making multiple appearances—online, on film and in person—to apply context to the world after 9/11.

Ten Years of Terror is Critchley’s new film, co-directed by Brad Evans, featuring discussions with notable thinkers such as Michael Hardt, Saskia Sassen, Noam Chomsky and Zygmunt Bauman—all reflecting on the post-9/11 environment.

The Guardian is hosting short clips from these sessions.

Here is Critchley on the ideology of securitization:

The complete lectures will be available on the “Histories of Violence” website on September 11, 2011.

Critchley and Evans will also be presenting Ten Years of Terror at the Guggenheim Museum on September 9, 12 and 13.

Then on “The Stone,” the online opinion series moderated by Critchley and hosted by the New York Times, Critchley examines “The Cycle of Revenge” and commands the reader to

Ask yourself: what if nothing had happened after 9/11? No revenge, no retribution, no failed surgical strikes on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, no poorly planned bloody fiasco in Iraq, no surges and no insurgencies to surge against; nothing.

Visit “The Stone” to read the essay in full.

Crtichley’s latest book, The Faith of the Faithless: Experiments in Political Theology, is due early next year.