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White Riot reviewed in the Boston Globe

Francisco Salas14 September 2011

White Riot: Punk Rock and the Politics of Race, edited by Stephen Duncombe and Maxwell Tremblay, has been reviewed in the Boston Sunday Globe:

Taking its title from the 1977 Clash song, this collection ponders the whiteness of punk. Sure, there are black, Latino, and Asian punks, both musicians and fans. But just as Eminem and millions of suburban teenagers don't erase hip-hop's black urban roots, punk has always contained (though seldom grappled with) its own paleness. Editors Stephen Duncombe and Maxwell Tremblay, academics who bring deep familiarity to the topic, gather pieces by a fittingly motley assortment of punk musicians, journalists, zine writers, and cultural studies types to hash out the important questions.

If you, too, want to talk about punk, race, and all the strong, conflicting feelings you get when listening to Black Flag, join the editors of White Riot for a discussion and film screening this September 18 at Union Docs

Visit the Boston Sunday Globe to read the review in full.