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Slavoj Žižek’s Living in the End Times reviewed for the Scotsman

Intern Verso13 July 2010

John McTernan reviews Slavoj’s Žižek’s Living in the End Times for the Scotsman:

Žižek’s insight can be traced in the contours of real economic change. What then of the future? His prediction was two-fold. That western political elites will maintain a sense of permanent economic emergency — a crisis being too good to waste. And that future is a vision of Singapore or Berlusconi. Not a pretty thought. His answer? A 21st century communism. That is of course a glorious, impractical dream. But the inspiring part of it is Žižek’s refusal to accept the inevitability of a settlement in which pensions, wages, working condition, welfare get systematically poorer although the country we live in gets richer. His is an argument based on a stark analysis of how deeply defeated progressives truly are today, yet he still gloriously says “No” to those who say this is inevitable. In that refusal is hope and that is the beginning of the fightback.

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