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COMPETITION: Towards a twitter #manifesto? Win a set of books from Verso

Leo Goretti 2 November 2011

Towards a New Manifesto. A philosophical jam session between the two Frankfurt School legends Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer, the book is a record of their free-flowing exchange of ideas in the spring of 1956, recorded with a view to the production of a contemporary version of The Communist Manifesto. 

In the book, Adorno notes that "we live in the society we criticize." Furthermore, in the twenty-first century, we also tweet in the society we criticize.

Thus to launch the book, we are pleased to announce a brand-new twitter competition challenging you to tweet a #manifesto for a communism for the twenty-first century.  

The five most creative participants will win a set of books:

Towards a New Manifesto, the titles of The Communist Hypothesis set, as well as The Communist Manifesto and the Scum Manifesto.

The rules: 

No external links are allowed: you must be able to sum up your digital call for revolution in no more than 140 characters.

The competition closes on Friday 4 November at 3pm GMT; tweets after this time will not be considered.

The competition is open to #manifestos from all over the world.

Please do not respond via Facebook or email, and include the hashtag #manifesto. Tweeting @VersoBooks would also be helpful! 

We are looking forward to reading your #manifestos—bearing in mind that, to paraphrase Adorno, a twitter account is of more use to thought than a battalion of assistants.