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#whatif by @mckenziewark

McKenzie Wark18 November 2011

#whatif the rich paid the same taxes as everybody else?

#whatif we just circulated ideas rather than respond to the demand to make ‘demands'?

#whatif nobody had to go homeless?

#whatif we declared war on poverty rather than on other countries?

#whatif we occupied twitter with a questioning of our needs and desires?

#whatif all children had access to free quality health care?

#whatif the banks served the economy; rather than the economy the banks?

#whatif people could make ends meet doing just one job that had reasonable hours?

#whatif people asked themselves why the 1% wants them to believe obvious bullsh%t about #ows?

#whatif everyone thought about what was really in their own interests?

#whatif the 1% were held as accountable for their actions as the rest of us?

#whatif elections were publicly funded?

#whatif we invested in education as a public good?

#whatif those who lent money had to take a risk to get their interest on it, and lost their bet if they lent unwisely?

#whatif we were impossible and demanded the realistic?

#whatif people asked themselves whether they really want to see their fellow Americans go without food and shelter?

#whatif we invested in new science rather than new weapons?

#whatif we rewarded those who create new ideas rather than those who just own the old ones?

#whatif we put creating jobs ahead of paying off the bond holders?

#whatif we forgive some of the principle on both housing and student debt?

#whatif people organized at their place of work to improve working conditions?

#whatif there were indictments for 2008 financial fraud?

#whatif there was actually a politics, rather than patronage and infomercials?

#whatif we just said no to neo-fascists who can only feel good by making someone else suffer?

#whatif there were conservatives who actually wanted to conserve rather than destroy?

#whatif the news actually reported some news?

#whatif we rewarded only those investors who take actual risks?

#whatif we built schools rather than prisons?

#whatif the government supported farmers who want to grow food rather than agribusiness making corn syrup?

#whatif our cities were for living in rather than real estate speculation?

#whatif the 1% had to actually invest in new industries rather than just loot the state?

#whatif the people made their own agenda?

#whatif the Democratic Party was actually Democratic, and actually a Party?

#whatif we threw Faux News in the dumpster rather than books?

#whatif public spaces were actually for the public?

#whatif we invested in green engineering, not 'financial engineering'?

#whatif we took climate change seriously and employed people to prepare for it?

#whatif you thought about what would really make things better, not just for you but for everybody?