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Chavs included on top 10 list in the New York Times

Anne Sullivan22 November 2011

Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class was chosen as one of the ten “best nonfiction books of 2011” by Dwight Garner in the New York Times

"The noun chav, in Britain, essentially means 'ugly prole': loutish, tacky, probably drunken and possibly violent. Think Snooki with a cockney accent. Mr. Jones’s book is a cleareyed examination of the British class system, and it poses this brutal question: 'How has hatred of working-class people become so socially acceptable?' His timely answers combine wit, left-wing politics and outrage."

Visit the New York Times to read the article in full.

The book was also included on Matthew Higgs’ “Best of 2011” list in Artforum (December 2011, print version)

"Seen in the light of the riots and the worldwide Occupy protests, his lucid analysis of a divided society appears uncannily prescient."