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Melissa Benn's School Wars: The Battle for Britain's Education reviewed in Juno magazine

Kishani Widyaratna 9 December 2011

Melissa Benn's School Wars: The Battle for Britain's Education, which tells the story of the struggle for Britain's schools and heralds a call for education as a public good, has been reviewed in Juno magazine.

The warm review commends Benn's "passion" and concludes:

"She analyses politics, history, key issues in schooling today and the current 'schools revoluton'. The battle she describes is complex, fuelled by media, culture and class perceptions. You may not agree with her politics, but Benn is a persuasive writer with community at the heart of her arguments. This book could offer an interesting perspective to parents agonizing of where - or whether - to send their children to secondary school." 

The review is available to read in full in the Winter print issue of Juno magazine.


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