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Two-stepping, two dollar Brooklyn Lagers and two hundred-plus sold-out copies of Occupy!

Jessica Turner19 December 2011

Verso had a very, very good weekend, kicked off Friday by our party with n +1 to celebrate the publication of Occupy! Scenes from Occupied America, the book based on n+1's broadsheet the Occupied Gazette on the movement that has changed the radical landscape and inspired a generation.

Rachel Hurn of The Millions reported on the festivities on the literary site's blog.

The Gazette trilogy was laid out on a side table, distinguished by primary colors — red for the first issue, blue for the second, and green for the third. Scenes from Zucotti Park projected against a white wall. The Occupy! book lay on a different table, on sale for $5 a copy.

Other happenings at Friday's party included OR Books' occupation of the DJ table--and a sign saying as much--with copies of their title on the movement, dancing, and a stunning view of the illuminated Manhattan skyline.

Turnout was, at its height, over two hundred, and we sold out of our two hundred-plus copies of the book.

Then, on Sunday, we co-sponsored the "Occupy Onwards" conference with n+1 , on issues forming the crux of the Occupy movement, featuring panelists Doug Henwood, Julia Ott and Occupy! co-editor Astra Taylor, among others.

We'll post audio from the conference soon. Check out The Millions for a full report of Friday's event. And scuttle over to your local, independent-owned bookstore to pick up a copy of Occupy! for yourself and your friends. Our comrades at St Mark's Bookshop and McNally Jackson in NYC have plenty in stock!

Happy three-month anniversary, Occupy.