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Congratulations from Verso to all new Knights and Dames

Huw Lemmey 5 January 2012

In recognition of those elevated in the 2012 New Year Honours list, Verso is proud to announce a special offer of 50% off Britain's Empire by Richard Gott for all new Knights, Commanders, Officers and Members of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

From the slave islands of the Carribean to the hunting of Australian Aborigines, follow Gott as he traces the unique history of a very British institution, using military dictatorship and systematic violence to extract the mineral and human wealth from the world for the greater glory of God and monarch.

Examining rebellions from the Ashanti to the Xhosa, Britain's Empire tells how the subjects and slaves of the Empire refused to defer on bended knee to a civilization built upon "crimes of humanity on an infamous scale", but consistently and furiously rebelled against it, puncturing the still widely-held belief that the British Empire was an enlightened and civilizing enterprise of great benefit to its subject peoples.

Britain's Empire is a vital resource for all those rewarded for their service; rich with anecdotes of former prestigious recipients of honours and decorations, this really is the indispensable handbook of the trophies of imperial glory .

Knights and Dames, take advantage of this cheap reward and pick up your copy of this enlightening and educational book today.