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The chairman of The Institute for Political Economy asks why Belén Fernández isn't the New York Times’ lead columnist

Anne Sullivan12 January 2012

Paul Craig Roberts included The Imperial Messenger as one of "three books to stimulate thought" and had this to say about the book's author: 

Belén Fernández reveals New York Times' columnist Thomas Friedman as a handmaiden of the elite. In exchange for preparing the electorate to be receptive to elite-determined agendas, such as globalism, the invasion of Iraq and the war on terror, Friedman was given a third Pulitzer prize, reducing this once meaningful award to the current status of the Nobel peace prize, and provided with cushy speaking fees.

Fernández subjects Friedman to careful scrutiny and assigns him failing grades for logic, consistency, and integrity. After reading Fernández dissect Friedman column by column, the unavoidable question is: How did Friedman ever pass himself off as a journalist? Why isn’t Belén Fernández the New York Times' lead columnist? The answer is clear. Fernandez won’t lie for the establishment.