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Recent coverage of The Imperial Messenger

Anne Sullivan12 January 2012

Pankaj Mishra chose the book as one of his "books of the year" in Outlook India:

There is no wittier or sharper account of Thomas Friedman's intellectual and moral atrocities as Belén Fernández's The Imperial Messenger.

Doug Henwood interviewed Belén Fernández on Behind the News on December, 3, 2011 and included the recording of Friedman’s infamous “Suck. On. This” performance on Charlie Rose on behalf of the Iraq war effort. Henwood remarked in response: “It’s like junior high school, only with automatic weapons and high explosives”.

A review was posted on Asia Times online on December 10, 2011: 

[R]aises thought-provoking questions about the objectivity of mainstream media when it comes to US economic and foreign policy interests. 

An excerpt in NY Times Examiner ran on December 21, 2011

A review was posted on Counter Currents on December 22, 2011:

[S]hould be the companion volume to any and all reading of Friedman.

Our Man in Boston posted a review on December 29, 2011: 

Journalist Belén Fernández’s new opus Imperial Messenger effectively eviscerating the NYT’s Thomas Friedman (whom Alexander Cockburn, not one to pull punches, has called “the silliest man on the planet”) strikes me as an example of the kind of book that a supine establishment,mainstream media herd must exert some effort to avoid paying even minimal attention.