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A thinker for tumultuous times: Peter Hudis on Rosa Luxemburg's legacy

Michael Bacal18 January 2012

Against the Grain, the alternative radio and web-media project based out of Berkeley, California has recently included in their podcast series a lengthy interview with Peter Hudis, editor of The Letters of Rosa Luxemburg, published by Verso in February 2011. Hudis spoke to Against the Grain about Luxemburg's legacy and her role in the history and evolution of both Marxist theory and practice.

Verso intends to publish the entire fourteen-volume Collected Works of Rosa Luxemburg over the next decade. Highlighting the importance of this "thinker for our tumultuous times,"  Hudis offers a timely consideration of the importance of Luxemburg's radical poltics and vision for us today, nearly a century after her assassination. 

Visit Against the Grain to listen to the interview in full.

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