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Soundtrack to the Arab Spring: Sujatha Fernandes on This Morning's The Takeaway

Jessica Turner 6 February 2012

Sujatha Fernades, former emcee and author of last fall's Close to the Edge: In Search of the Global Hip Hop Generation was featured on today's The Takeway in a discussion about the up-and-coming rappers whose voices have rung out against corruption, political repression and economic disenfranchisement in Senegal, Tunisia and Egypt. 

Part of The Takeway's special on global protest music, in the segment Fernandes guides Takeaway co-host John Hockenberry through a listening tour of the music that is helping to build solidarity across borders, "shaping a language that allows young people to negotiate a political voice for themselves in their societies." [Fernandes, from Close to the Edge]. 

Despite the lack of an organized music industry in many locales, these artists are finding ways to get their music heard, speaking not just to their localized situations but to a global consciouness of the oppressed. 

Go to The Takeaway to listen to the segment in full.

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