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Paul Mason on Democracy Now!: "The underpinnings of this new global unrest"

Michael Bacal22 February 2012

This morning, Paul Mason appeared on Democracy Now! for a long discussion about the Eurozone, austerity, and the protests that are about to sweep Greece as they await another massive bailout. Drawing from his recent journalism for the BBC and his new book Why It's Kicking Off Everywhere: The New Global Revolutions, Mason highlights the deeper unrest that is the source of these protests, and points toward the often ignored human costs that underlie the riots that otherwise dominate our mainstream news-cycles.

What doesn't make so many headlines is what is happening to real people. We're living in a time where the world has, in the last couple of years, erupted in a way many people thought they would never see again since the 1960s. The underpinnings of this new global unrest are, from Cairo to Greece to NYC to Albuquerque, people are sick of seeing the rich get richer during a crisis- that's what they're sick of."

Visit Democracy Now! to listen in full and for a complete transcript of the interview.


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