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Against Nature | Raj Patel & Tina Ngata

On a new episode of the Verso Podcast, Raj Patel and Tina Ngata explore the historical connections between the exploitation of nature and people.

20 April 2023

Against Nature | Raj Patel & Tina Ngata

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VersoBooks · Against Nature | Raj Patel & Tina Ngata


Hosted by writer Eleanor Penny, our first episode features a discussion with two incredible guests, Raj Patel and Tina Ngata, exploring the historical roots of the exploitation of nature and people, and how those roots continue to impact our world today.

The episode begins by taking us back to 1550, where Las Casas and Sepúlveda debated the humanity of indigenous peoples in the context of colonialism. This debate laid the groundwork for the ideology of separating humanity from nature, which continues to this day and has resulted in devastating consequences for the planet.

As we face the current climate crisis and the ongoing sixth mass extinction, it's clear that the connections between historical exploitation and contemporary environmental destruction cannot be ignored. Patel and Ngata offer their insights into these complex issues, discussing stolen land, the value of life, and the importance of resistance and activism in the fight for environmental and social justice.

Patel, co-author of A History of the World in Seven Cheap Things, draws from his extensive research to shed light on the global economic systems that perpetuate exploitation and inequality. Ngata, a Maori activist and writer, offers a unique perspective on the intersection of environmental destruction and colonialism, and the importance of decolonization in creating a sustainable future.

Together, Patel and Ngata provide a powerful and thought-provoking conversation that delves into the heart of the most pressing issues of our time. Their insights challenge us to rethink our understanding of humanity's relationship with nature and each other, and inspire us to take action to create a better world.

This episode is just the beginning of an exciting lineup of conversations on the Verso Podcast, featuring a diverse range of voices and perspectives on the most urgent issues of our time. See all episodes here.

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