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How Can the Left Solve the Climate Crisis?

Benjamin Kunkel and Lola Seaton discuss the Left strategy in this video interview.

13 December 2023

How Can the Left Solve the Climate Crisis?

The world's major powers accept the likelihood of dangerous climate change, yet seem incapable of averting it. Benjamin Kunkel and Lola Seaton, editors of the newly published Who Will Build the Ark?: Debates on Climate Strategy from 'New Left Review', discuss how we might respond in this video.

Should we be fighting for a Green New Deal, or do we need to move towards degrowth? How do we move from consciousness-raising to strategizing? And how do we build upon the demand of decarbonisation?

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Who Will Build the Ark?
In Who Will Build the Ark?, leading radical thinkers debate left alternatives to runaway global heating, capitalist crisis and wider environmental breakdown, clarifying the stakes in today's key di...

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