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Nancy Fraser talks to Verso Books

In this in-depth interview Nancy Fraser discusses capitalism, gender oppression, Marxism, and the post-left populist moment.

11 July 2023

Nancy Fraser talks to Verso Books

Nancy Fraser's many groundbreaking contributions to Marxism and feminism make her a legendary figure on the left.

In this interview she talks about many of the ideas that traverse her life's work, including gender oppression, race and capitalism; growing up during de-segregation; intersectionality; the American New Left; debating Judith Butler; and much more. She also discusses a new book she is working on, inspired by the work of W.E.B Du Bois.

Her new book, Capitalism: A Conversation in Critical Theory (out now), offers an invigorated critique of twenty-first century capitalism and an incisive study of our current conjuncture. Written alongside Rahel Jaeggi, the two political philosophers examine the "boundary struggles" at the heart of capitalism, and how we might build the non-capitalist future we so desperately need.

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Capitalism: A Conversation in Critical Theory by Nancy Fraser is out this month. See all her work here:

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