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New Left Review 140/141, out now

Aaron Benanav and Tim Barker on the US economy, Hito Steyerl on AI, Grey Anderson on NATO, a previously unpublished early text from Tom Nairn and much more…

4 May 2023

New Left Review 140/141, out now

The new number of NLR is a double issue, covering the North Atlantic military alliance, the current regime of capital, artificial-intelligence figurations, Subcontinental art and new works from France and Russia. Plus, the first appearance in English of Tom Nairn’s ‘La Nemesi borghese’, foundational text of the Nairn–Anderson theses.

With NATO deeply embroiled in the war against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Grey Anderson analyses its record as an instrument of hegemony; contrasting contributions from Tim Barker and Aaron Benanav to the debate on Bidenomics and the current regime of capital, initiated by Dylan Riley and Robert Brenner’s ‘Seven Theses on American Politics’ in NLR 138; Lily Lynch explains the nature of the post-Yugoslav regime in Serbia; Hito Steyerl comes face to face with the ‘mean image’ of herself generated by AI; Zehra Jumabhoy provides a counter-reading of Indian Modernism’s national hero; the first formulation of the late Tom Nairn’s classic class analysis of the British crisis, originally published in Italian; and book reviews—Ilya Budraitskis on Lev Danilkin’s breathtaking Russian biography of Lenin, Alberto Toscano on French Foucauldians’ revised views of neoliberalism and Ed McNally on Patrick Porter’s case against the ‘rules-based international order’.