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New Left Review 142, out now

In the latest issue: Lola Seaton responds to Riley & Brenner; unpublished texts by Hobsbawm, Williams, Miliband, Wollen.

1 August 2023

New Left Review 142, out now

Four New Left texts on Britain, originally commissioned in 1963 for the Italian review Il Contemporaneo, published for the first time in English. Peter Wollen  on the new wave in British cinema, Raymond Williams on fiction and the theatre, Eric Hobsbawm on class and culture, Ralph Miliband’s  ‘If Labour Wins…’ prove remarkably prescient in the light of the UK’s present plight.

Also in NLR 142: Perry Anderson provides a portrait of Giorgio Fanti, the editor responsible for Il Contemporaneo’s special number on Britain; Lola Seaton responds to the debate around Dylan Riley & Robert Brenner’s ‘Seven Theses on American Politics’; Nathan Sperber analyses the relations between party and state in China; Anahid Nersessian traces the emergence of a new tone in the work of three radical American poets; Robin Osborne engages with two books by Hellenist iconoclast Pierre Vesperini, and Grey Anderson reviews Jacob Collin’s The Anthropological Turn: French Political Thought after 1968.

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