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New Left Review 143, out now

Making—and breaking—the Law of Nations. Theorizing China’s path. Twenty-first-century socialist feminism. Contradictions of US climate policy. The costs of debt over the longue durée. New books on the crises of democratic capitalism and the stakes of German idealist philosophy.

16 October 2023

New Left Review 143, out now

In the Latest NLR

Perry Anderson writes on the history, theory and practice of international law. Caitlín Doherty explores the work of Nancy Fraser. Alyssa Battistoni and Geoff Mann argue that Riley and Brenner’s ‘Seven Theses on American Capitalism’ misreads the content of Bidenomics. Johannes Hoerning discusses the critical diagnoses—and radical prognoses—of Chinese social philosopher Ci Jiwei. Nic Johnson examines the implications of new evidence for the tendency of the rate of interest to fall. Plus book reviews: Dylan Riley on The Crisis of Democratic Capitalism, by Martin Wolf; Christoph Schuringa on Schelling’s Late Philosophy in Confrontation with Hegel, by Peter Dews.


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