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On Cannibals and Capitalists: Nancy Fraser & Gargi Bhattacharyya

Nancy Fraser & Gargi Bhattacharyya discuss exploitation, expropriation, and racial capitalism on The Verso Podcast.

27 July 2023

On Cannibals and Capitalists: Nancy Fraser & Gargi Bhattacharyya

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In the latest episode of The Verso Podcast, Nancy Fraser & Gargi Bhattacharyya join Eleanor Penny to discuss exploitation, expropriation, and racial capitalism. Together they probe the very edges of capitalism - examining what lies beyond, what's holding it all up, and reflecting on it is a system that constantly undermines the conditions of its own existence.

Whilst it was once thought by many that the long course of history had reached its conclusion in capitalism, the current proliferation of crises (in care, ecology, economy, etc.) has shown that history is far from over. The fantasy that with enough time capitalism would eventually elevate all of humanity out of poverty has faltered in the face of the reality that, far from expanding to include greater and greater swathes of the global population, it now seems to be focussing more energy on excluding people it no longer wants to shelter from the coming storm.

Together, Gargi and Nancy take a magnifying glass to the context we find ourselves in, moving beyond accounts of capitalism that centre on waged workers, to focus on migrants, sharecroppers, housewives, forced labourers and climate refugees - amongst many others.

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