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Politics Theory Other: Fascist echoes w/ Adam Tooze

The latest episode of the Politics Theory Other podcast.

Alex Doherty17 March 2023

Politics Theory Other: Fascist echoes w/ Adam Tooze

Adam Tooze discusses the key causal factors that allowed fascism to emerge in the early twentieth century and whether conditions that would enable fascism on the interwar model exist today. We also talked about whether describing the Bolsanaros, the Le Pens and the Orbans of this world as fascist may be analytically wrong but tactically effective, and about how close the Latin American dictatorships of the 1970s and 80s are to the fascist model.

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Past episodes include Judith Butler on nonviolence, Adam Tooze on the war economy of Nazi Germany, Amia Srinivasan on Sex and the Politics of Desire, and Philip Mirowski on Covid19 and neoliberalism.

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