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Press release from the lawyer of La Fabrique's Rights Manager, Ernest.

21 July 2023


Friday 21 JULY 2023



Today the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation (IRTL) reported his findings on the case of our client Ernest Moret who was stopped by Metropolitan Police officers exercising their powers under Schedule 7 Terrorism Act 2000.

The IRTL has reached the clear conclusion that this stop “should not have happened.” The report is a complete vindication of our client’s stance, citing his right to privacy, in refusing to supply his personal data to police. The police demand was totally unjustified.

Our client is a publisher at La fabrique éditions who was simply on his way to the London Bookfair in April 2023, carrying with him his mobile phone and work laptop. Having been stopped, he cooperated fully in answering police questions, at which point the Counter Terrorism Officers concluded that he was no threat to national security. The IRTL highlights that, despite his detention, our client showed dignified composure and good humour throughout.

The IRTL concludes that the Metropolitan Police, and particularly Counter Terrorism Command (SO15), must recognise that using Schedule 7 powers simply to question people about their involvement in demonstrations is wrong, and an abuse of the purpose of the legislation. It is contrary to the Article 10 and 11 rights of freedom of expression and assembly under the European Convention on Human Rights.

The exercise of the Schedule 7 power in this case was unlawful. The Metropolitan Police must now fully apologise to Mr Moret and compensate him for his detention and consequential damage to his reputation.


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Solicitor : Richard Parry