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Settler colonialism – from Columbus to Gaza w/ Sai Englert

The latest episode of the Politics Theory Other podcast.

Politics Theory Other15 January 2024

Settler colonialism – from Columbus to Gaza w/ Sai Englert

Israel's assault on Gaza has led to a huge upsurge in discussion of settler colonialism and the extent to which the term accurately describes the Zionist project in Palestine. In Settler Colonialism: An Introduction, Sai Englert provides an authoritative overview of the history of settler colonialism and resistance to it, from the South African anti-Apartheid struggle to campaigns against pipeline construction in North America.

In the latest episode of the Politics Theory Other podcast Sai discusses the history of settler colonialism, from the British colonies in North America to the Portuguese Empire in Brazil, and from Apartheid South Africa to the French settler state in Algeria. Sai explains the economic logics that made genocidal campaigns against indigenous societies possible in some contexts, but not in others, and about the surprisingly complex process of racialisation that enabled the plunder of indigenous resources and labour. Finally, he explains why Israel, contrary to the claims of liberal apologists, belongs firmly in the settler colonial tradition.

Listen to PTO's interview with Sai Englert here.

Politics Theory Other is a weekly political podcast. The show aims to bring the work of writers on the radical left to a broader public.

Past episodes include Judith Butler on nonviolence, Adam Tooze on the war economy of Nazi Germany, Amia Srinivasan on Sex and the Politics of Desire, and Philip Mirowski on Covid19 and neoliberalism.

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