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  • FELA KUTI: An Honest Man

    FELA KUTI: An Honest Man

    On the publication of a new collection of writing, John Howe recalls his encounter with the father of AfroBeat at the Shrine, Lagos.

  • Solidarity with Algeria’s imprisoned students!

    Solidarity with Algeria’s imprisoned students!

    Protests in Algeria have been building since the start of the year. The protests, that have already forced former president Abdelaziz Bouteflika to step down after 20 years, have lately been facing increasingly hostile repression from police and security services. In this interview with imprisoned student leader Yani Aïdali, he discusses the nature of the student movement, and the possibility of its generating a national-level co-ordination.

  • The Algerian Revolution

    The Algerian Revolution

    The Hirak movement in Algeria continues to build momentum, bringing the streets of Algiers to a standstill. In this interview, Nedjib Sidi Moussa, doctor of Political Science at Université Panthéon-Sorbonne, discusses the composition of the movement, and highlights its limits and horizon.

  • Protests in Dakar earlier this year. via ROAPE.

    Senegal’s Street Fighting Years

    Researcher and activist Pascal Bianchini describes the lasting effects of the 1960s–70s student movement in Senegal and the condition of the Senegalese left today. 

  • via the Coalition Against Sexual Abuse Ghana.

    Localizing the Global Me Too Movement

    While gender-based violence in Ghana and elsewhere may not seem vastly different from the issues addressed by #MeToo, women around the world must define their own movements.