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  • Salma Bi, whose house was among the five Muslim houses burnt down by Hindu-majoritarian mob Sanjay Nagar in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh. Photo: Meer Faisal/Maktoob

    The Forsaken Ones

    Since the beginning of April, Muslims in India have faced increasing religious persecution and attacks, events that have escalated across the country. Shivangi Mariam Raj reports on this state-led hatred and violence, and the threat of genocide facing the country's 207 million Muslims.

  • Roundup of Jeju islanders

    The Winter Slaughter

    This fall marks the 70th anniversary of a brutal and largely unknown massacre of the early cold war on the Korean island of Cheju/Jeju. In this article, Brendan Wright recounts the history of the massacre, placing it in the context of Cold War politics and the history of the Korean peninsula.

  • Protestors surround the Democracy Monument, Bangkok, during the 1973 uprising.

    1968 and the “Thai Seventies"

    Thai society was profoundly influenced by the wave of struggles throughout the world around 1968 — but there was a slight time-lag, with radicalisation reaching its peak in the 1970s.

  • Pathet Lao soldiers, Vientiane, 1973. via Wikimedia Commons.

    Nationalism Painted Red

    Grant Evans and Kelvin Rowley look at the development of communist movements in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia and respond to the claims of Western analysts who rooted conflicts between them after 1975 in "traditional" antagonisms.