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  • Image: Jonathan Tomlinson.

    The housing crisis in Manchester, capital of the ‘long 90s’

    Greater Manchester Housing Action is an organisation at the forefront of fighting Manchester’s neoliberal urban development. Members Tom Gillespie, Isaac Rose and Jonathan Silver explore the role that Blairite 'urban entrepreneurialism' has played in both the cynical commodification of Manchester's rich cultural heritage and the burgeoning housing crisis in the city. 

  • Fighting Gentrification in Leeds

    Fighting Gentrification in Leeds

    Residents in South Leeds are fighting back against private developers who want to demolish their affordable homes and break apart their community. Community organiser Luke Dukinfield reports on the resistance of local residents in the LS26 Save Our Homes campaign.

  • Regeneration for the few; degeneration for the many

    Regeneration for the few; degeneration for the many

    Belfast's Titanic Quarter has been heralded as the final act of a city passing from its dark past into its new status as a modern European capital. But, beyond the endless PR copy, what does urban redevelopment like that in Belfast tell us about where power resides in our towns and cities, and about the role of the real estate state in the process of gentrification?

  • Reclaim Our Cities

    Reclaim Our Cities

    Who are our cities for? A reading list on the geography of inequality, the politics of cities and planning and the fights for more just and sustainable urban environments.

  • The Non-Sexist City

    The Non-Sexist City

    Leslie Kern asks how we can create a feminist city and what tools women can use to support each other.

  • Care Work in the Time of COVID-19

    Care Work in the Time of COVID-19

    Leslie Kern discusses the care work and feminized labor that keeps cities running, asking: once the global pandemic subsides, will care work be forced back into obscurity, or will we work to re-organize our cities in ways that support, value, and redistribute care more equitably?