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  • Seattle's Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, photo by Dean Spade.

    Defund the Seattle Police Department!

    These activist demands to defund the Seattle Police Department, prepared by COVID-19 Mutual Aid Seattle, emerged out of the city-wide movement that made headlines last week when the SPD abandoned a police precinct in the city's Capitol Hill neighborhood and activists reclaimed the space, naming it the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

  • Protest sign, New York City, June 2020. Photo by Jessie Kindig.

    Protest is as Essential as Hand Washing

    "We have two ongoing epidemics. One has been with us for only a few months; the other is over 400 years old." Joseph Godfrey on Covid-19 and protesting while Black.

  • George Floyd's last words, as protest grafitti, Minneapolis. Photo by Kate Derickson.

    Let This Radicalize Us: After the Minneapolis Uprising

    Kate Derickson reports from the Minneapolis Uprising: "During those long nights, new subjectivities were formed, and the grammar of the social order was suspended, allowing arrangements to be newly sensed, new forms of solidarities to be detected. These tentative arrangements repositioned the police as not on 'our' side."

  • Protesters in Brooklyn this week, with white protestors forming a front barrier around the cops. Photo by Audrea Lim

    Protect Black Protesters

    "What separates a martyr from an ally lies in who calls the shots, who does the grunt work, who gets the glory and who decides, in the aftermath, how the story of the uprising is told." Audrea Lim reports on this week's protests against racist police violence in New York City.