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  • Mount Pelée, Martinique, 1912.  National Museum of World Cultures Collection. via Wikimedia Commons.

    The Great Camouflage

    "We must dare to point out the Caribbean stain on France's face, since so many of the French seem determined to tolerate no shadow of it."

  • Detail from the cover of The Negro Worker, August-September, 1933. via The Public Archive.

    Labor and Liberation: An Interview with Margaret Stevens

    Historian Margaret Stevens discusses transnational connections between Black radicals during the interwar years, the interplay between militant Caribbean workers’ uprisings and Communist Party leadership, and the lessons of Communist anti-racist and anti-imperialist organizing. 

  • Pro-Lavalas demonstrators protest UN forces in Bel Air, September 2004. via Kevin Pina and the Haiti Information Project.

    Repression and Resistance in Haiti, 2004–2006

    Peter Hallward examines political mobilizations among Haiti's popular classes in the years between the US-backed 2004 coup and the first presidential elections that followed, in 2006 — and the violent repression that met them.