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  • Image: Jonathan Tomlinson.

    The housing crisis in Manchester, capital of the ‘long 90s’

    Greater Manchester Housing Action is an organisation at the forefront of fighting Manchester’s neoliberal urban development. Members Tom Gillespie, Isaac Rose and Jonathan Silver explore the role that Blairite 'urban entrepreneurialism' has played in both the cynical commodification of Manchester's rich cultural heritage and the burgeoning housing crisis in the city. 

  • Fighting Gentrification in Leeds

    Fighting Gentrification in Leeds

    Residents in South Leeds are fighting back against private developers who want to demolish their affordable homes and break apart their community. Community organiser Luke Dukinfield reports on the resistance of local residents in the LS26 Save Our Homes campaign.

  • Race and Housing in the UK

    Race and Housing in the UK

    Cities in the UK are reproducing the pattern of those in other countries, where the poor and non-white are consigned to the periphery. Where housing is more affordable, but where poverty and social alienation are widespread. Glyn Robbins on the covert institutional racism of UK housing policy.

  • A history of council housing in 10 buildings

    A history of council housing in 10 buildings

    From the first ever council estate in Shoreditch, to Ernő Goldfinger's privatised masterpiece, these buildings represent one of the most important struggles of our times – the drive for decent housing for all. 

  • A Deliberate Act: Southwark Council Blames Victims of Housing Crisis

    A Deliberate Act: Southwark Council Blames Victims of Housing Crisis

    Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth support the migrant families resisting inhumane housing conditions in Southwark and Lambeth. 

    No one denies there is a housing crisis in London. Well, no one apart from Southwark council, who instead have chosen to blame some of their most vulnerable residents for their housing situations. Members of Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth, living in statutorily overcrowded housing, were shocked to receive letters from the council telling them that their housing conditions had been caused by a 'deliberate act' by the families. Because the overcrowding was deemed a 'deliberate act' the council would not be giving them priority on the housing waiting list that they should be eligible for.