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  • Genocide and the weaponization of anti-Semitism

    Genocide and the weaponization of anti-Semitism

    Although Jews have been at their forefront, demonstrations in support of a ceasefire and Palestinian liberation have been criticized as antisemitic by politicians and mainstream media in an effort to discredit the movement's demands. Here, Warren Montag explores this phenomenon.
  • Phony Physics

    Phony Physics

    Thinking with Alberto Toscano's Late Fascism, Jordy Rosenberg asks: how has liberal analogical thought around Nazi fascism foreclosed in North America the history of the Nakba and of the ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people?
  • There Can Be No Critique

    There Can Be No Critique

    Hamas's attacks on October 7 have sparked a public discussion about the nature of solidarity and how to support the fight for a free Palestine. Here, Judith Butler offers a brief response to Jodi Dean's recent critique of their position on Palestine solidarity alongside a republication of their essay "There Can Be No Critique."
  • Palestine speaks for everyone

    Palestine speaks for everyone

    Against those who would separate good and bad Palestinians resisting occupation and onslaught, Jodi Dean writes in defence of the radical universal emancipation embodied in the Palestinian cause.
  • Painting by Rafat Asad, White phosphorus # 2, 2009, Acrylic on Canvas

    The Destruction of Palestine Is the Destruction of the Earth

    The last six months of genocide in Gaza have ushered in a new phase in a long history of colonization and extraction that reaches back to the nineteenth century. To truly understand the present crisis, Andreas Malm argues, requires a longue durée analysis of Palestine's subjugation to fossil empire.
  • The Whitening of European Jews and the Misuse of Holocaust Memory

    The Whitening of European Jews and the Misuse of Holocaust Memory

    In the aftermath of the Holocaust and the formation of Israel, Jews' position in the Global North transformed from racialized minority into fully white members of "Judeo-Christian" society. As Gilbert Achcar shows in this essay, however, this assimilation into "super whiteness" relies on Jews placidly accepting their equation with Zionism and thus Israel's racist discrimination and violence against Arab Muslims.

  • After Pantin

    After Pantin

    In response to remarks they gave at an event in Paris earlier this month, Judith Butler has received hate mail while Zionist publications have attacked them. In this article, Butler defends and clarifies their position.
  • Becoming Monsters: What happens when the witness becomes the defendant?

    Becoming Monsters: What happens when the witness becomes the defendant?

    To whom should Palestinians fighting for liberation speak? For our Palestine Uncensored series, Islam Al-Khatib writes that the focus on appealing to an international audience has moderated and censored how Palestinians can imagine their fight for freedom. Instead, she argues that Palestinians must break out of the Western discursive frameworks that police their thinking about how liberation can be achieved.