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  • Pañuelos Verdes, Acompañamiento, Solidaridad

    Pañuelos Verdes, Acompañamiento, Solidaridad

    The Global South has much to teach the Global North about fighting for reproductive justice, providing abortions to whoever needs them, regardless of the law--and about building a mass, international, feminist movement.

  • We Are of the Earth—A Manifesto

    We Are of the Earth—A Manifesto

    A climate manifesto from the Frente Nacional Anti-Minero in Ecuador, a new national front of seventy-eight communities and organizations organizing against mining and for anti-capitalist resistance.

  • Berta Cáceres, Rebel with a Cause

    Berta Cáceres, Rebel with a Cause

    Berta was eighteen years old and still weak from giving birth when she joined the war effort with the National Resistance, part of the guerrilla offensive against the Contras in El Salvador.

  • Fear and the state

    Fear and the state

    In a violent and warming world the rich can afford to protect themselves—with gated neighborhoods, getaway homes, and walled nations—and the poor are left with few options but climbing over the barriers and sometimes cramming their life stories into a sympathetic narrative. As other doors have been slammed on migrants by successive administrations—the “line” to get in has become so long and serpentine, it effectively serves as another wall—claims of fear are increasing.

  • Storm Clouds Over Latin America

    Storm Clouds Over Latin America

    November's coup in Bolivia is just the latest episode in the right-wing resurgence across Latin America. In this article, William I. Robinson looks at the deeper structural causes for the retreat in the Pink Tide, and the hopes for a socialist renewal in the region.

  • #ThisisaCoup


    Evo Morales didn’t resign; he was overthrown by a coup d’état.

  • 5 Book Plan: The Politics of Borders

    5 Book Plan: The Politics of Borders

    Todd Miller, author of Empire of Borders, selects five essential books about border imperialism, the surveillance state, and the politics of national security.

  • Venezuela: A Reading List

    Venezuela: A Reading List

    Featuring works from distinguished intellectuals and key political leaders, Verso's Venezuela reading list provides the analytical insight and historical context necessary to understand the ongoing political crisis in the country