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  • Marx at the Chicken Shack

    Marx at the Chicken Shack

    What makes Marx a stranger to Marxist movements is not simply the difficulty of certain key works and passages, but a series of other obstacles.

  • Yvonne Kapp with her daughter Janna, c. 1970.

    Writing Eleanor Marx

    In this excerpt from her memoirs, activist and writer Yvonne Kapp reflects on the decade-long research and writing of her definitive biography of Eleanor Marx. 

  • via Wikimedia Commons.

    Why Marx Now?

    McKenzie Wark considers the question "Why Marx now?" through a close reading of one of the Communist Manifesto's most famous lines. 

  • Who was Karl Marx?

    Who was Karl Marx?

    Marx biographer Sven-Eric Liedman asks this very question in his new book. Here he reviews the various biographies that exist – books that in one way or another claim to deal with the complete Marx, his life and his works.