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  • George Floyd's last words, as protest grafitti, Minneapolis. Photo by Kate Derickson.

    Let This Radicalize Us: After the Minneapolis Uprising

    Kate Derickson reports from the Minneapolis Uprising: "During those long nights, new subjectivities were formed, and the grammar of the social order was suspended, allowing arrangements to be newly sensed, new forms of solidarities to be detected. These tentative arrangements repositioned the police as not on 'our' side."

  • Protesters in Brooklyn this week, with white protestors forming a front barrier around the cops. Photo by Audrea Lim

    Protect Black Protesters

    "What separates a martyr from an ally lies in who calls the shots, who does the grunt work, who gets the glory and who decides, in the aftermath, how the story of the uprising is told." Audrea Lim reports on this week's protests against racist police violence in New York City.

  • Last Month in France: An Islamophobia Diary

    Last Month in France: An Islamophobia Diary

    On the 10th November, around 13,500 people marched through Paris to demand an end to anti-Muslim speech, discrimination against Muslim women, and anti-Muslim violence in French politics and society. Yet, the month leading up to the demonstration, as Musab Younis charts in this article, showed just how deep Islamophobia runs in contemporary France.

  • Made in Algeria: Football, Racism, and the Africa Cup of Nations

    Made in Algeria: Football, Racism, and the Africa Cup of Nations

    The progression of the Algerian football team to the final of the African Cup of Nations, the first for 29 years, has sparked both wild scenes of jubilation from the Algerian diaspora across France as well as a racist backlash fuelled by right-wing theories of a ‘great replacement'. In this article, Hector Uniacke discusses the political situation in both France and Algeria, and the high stakes of tonight's final against Senegal.

  • Credit: La Chappelle Debout!

    The gilets noirs occupy the Panthéon

    This weekend the gilets noirs, a movement of France's undocumented migrants, occupied the Panthéon in Paris. In this article, Luke Butterly reports on the occupation, the police repression against the occupiers, and the aims of the movement.

  • Antisemitism and Oppression: a Leftist Polemic

    Antisemitism and Oppression: a Leftist Polemic

    After the BBC's Panorama documentary, the cries against the Labour Party of antisemitism have reached a new pitch. Yet to understand how the "crisis of antisemitism" has been manufactured, we need to look beyond the particular accusations themselves, and to how the left conceives of oppression. 

  • The Blindspot Revisited

    The Blindspot Revisited

    How do we think through the relation between race and class in capitalism? Responding to the recent intervention of Adolph Reed, Joshua Clover and Nikhil Pal Singh argue that, following Stuart Hall, race is the modality in which class is lived and that only by capturing the fundamental social experience of the unity of race and class can we avoid the pitfalls of separating them analytically and falling into "bothandism".

  • Roberto Matta, Invasion of the Night (1941)

    Zombie Manifesto

    This critique of identity is absolutely and emphatically not a proposal that race should be put second or waved away. It is an insistence on recognizing the material reality of race as a social relation, and forming a more adequate theoretical understanding of it that can be useful for struggles against racism.