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  • Giving voice to inner screams

    Giving voice to inner screams

    For the late Senegalese director Ousmane Sembène, cinema was always an opportunity for dialogue with the audience. In this essay, Henry Roberts explores the aesthetics and political power of Sembène's cinematic oeuvre.
  • Realizing Africa

    Realizing Africa

    "Through his filmmaking and overall cinematic framework, Sembène realized the dream of a unified and borderless Africa which its political leaders have yet to produce." Matene Toure revisits Ousmane Sembène's 1988 film Camp de Thiaroye, highlighting his life's ambition of inspiring revolutionary action through film.
  • Protests in Dakar earlier this year. via ROAPE.

    Senegal’s Street Fighting Years

    Researcher and activist Pascal Bianchini describes the lasting effects of the 1960s–70s student movement in Senegal and the condition of the Senegalese left today.