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  • Venezuela: A Reading List

    Venezuela: A Reading List

    Featuring works from distinguished intellectuals and key political leaders, Verso's Venezuela reading list provides the analytical insight and historical context necessary to understand the ongoing political crisis in the country 

  • The Social Fabric of Chavismo

    The Social Fabric of Chavismo

    On January 23, Juan Guaidó, who had recently been installed as president of the country’s opposition-led National Assembly, declared himself interim president of Venezuela in an attempt to oust the incumbent, Nicolás Maduro. But with Venezuelan society deeply divided, and the military continuing to support Maduro, it isn't clear how Guaidó can succeed. In this article, Marco Teruggi, who has spent the last six years observing first-hand this complexity as a participant in Venezuela’s communal project, reflects on the opposition’s attempt to form a parallel government and their failure to grasp the social reality of the Chavista base.

  • Oscar Alberto Perez in a still from the video statement released during the June 27 helicopter attack.

    The Specter of Fascism in Venezuela

    Much mainstream media coverage of the helicopter attack on Venezuelan government buildings has focused on Oscar Alberto Perez’s bombastic statements about “restoring constitutional order.” But listen closely to the other expressions and terms Perez uses in his video statement. They provide a window into a fascistic form of thought that may come to define the opposition in Venezuela. 

  • Image for blog post entitled A Few Hours with Chávez

    A Few Hours with Chávez

    It seemed to me that the ‘enigma of the two faces of Chávez’ was resolved by simply observing that in his personality two temperaments existed side by side: a rational, logical, Cartesian, pragmatic mind cohabiting with an altruistic, affectionate, enthusiastic, chaotic, sentimental nature.