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  • Notes on Exterminism, the Last Stage of Civilization

    Notes on Exterminism, the Last Stage of Civilization

    In the 1980s, E.P. Thompson dedicated much of his intellectual and political labor to the CND and other anti-nuclear causes. First published in New Left Review in 1980, "Notes on Exterminism" was Thompson's thoroughgoing effort to account for the challenges to socialist politics posed by the peace movement and the Second Cold War.

  • Wars and Terrorism: End the Denial

    Wars and Terrorism: End the Denial

    This open letter, signed among others by Virginie Despentes, Adèle Haenel, Annie Ernaux, Jean-François Bayart and Alexis Jenni, deplores the fact that the link between Western military interventions and terrorist attacks is never questioned.

  • UN delegate Lieut. Gen. William K. Harrison, Jr. (left) and Korean People’s Army and Chinese People’s Volunteers delegate Gen. Nam Il (right) sign the Korean War Armistice Agreement. July 27, 1953.

    Peace Regimes

    In US–Korean relations, the language of peace has long been a strategy of disavowal, but it has also served as terrain for contestation. 

  • Customers in central Seoul wait in line for Pyongyang-style naengmyeon, April 27. via Twitter.

    Ending the Korean War: A Transnational Dialogue

    Two scholars — Grace M. Cho in the US, and Hosu Kim in South Korea — reflect on the recent developments between the US and North Korea, the ghosts of the Korean War, and the need for peace on the Korean peninsula.

  • Special Police Officers at a Salwa Judum camp, 2009. via The Hindu.

    Hostages to Democracy

    Focussing on the Indian government's counterinsurgency operations against Maoists in Bastar, Nandini Sundar examines how formal democracy works to subvert popular power.