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The Invasion of Iraq: 20 Years On

Reflecting on the legacy of the war on Iraq, for the Middle East and for the West.

Verso Books16 March 2023

The Invasion of Iraq: 20 Years On

On March 20th, 2003 the invasion of Iraq by coalition forces began. After the invasion, Iraq began fracturing along sectarian lines, unleashing years of violence and displacement. With the outbreak of war in Syria in 2011, ISIS exploited the chaos and societal tensions of the region to sweep to power on a brutal campaign that has displaced millions of civilians. 

These books contextualize the disaster resulting from the "War on Terror" and the refugee crisis rooted in its violence.

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Why does America go to war? It is not to bring democracy, or glory, but in the pursuit of profit. Andrew Cockburn, reveals the extent of the rot that stretches from the Pentagon and the White House, to Wall St and Silicon Valley.

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Deepa Kumar traces the history of anti-Muslim racism from the early modern era to the “War on Terror.”

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How the political violence of modern jihad echoes the crises of western liberalism.

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A rigorous and incisive study of combat trauma and American militarism.

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In the post 9/11 era the US military had embraced the agenda of humane war, driven both by the availability of precision weaponry and the need to protect its image. The battle shifted from the streets to the courtroom, where the tactics of the "War on Terror" were litigated but its foundational assumptions went without serious challenge.

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Patrick Cockburn writes as a historian of the present to describe the “forever wars” in the Middle East.

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Powerful critique of the UK and US surveillance and repression of Muslims and the prosecution of homegrown terrorism.

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Calling for a true humanitarianism that sacrifices no-one at the expense of others, Delphy exposes the hypocrisy of many euro-centric calls to save the “Other”.

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Charts the devastating roll that the West has played in the Middle East since 2001.

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A compelling portrait of a ravaged country, and the appalling consequences of imperial arrogance.

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Patrick Cockburn describes the conflicts behind a dramatic unraveling of US foreign policy. He shows how the West created the conditions for ISIS’s explosive success by stoking the war in Syria.

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The bestselling history of the resistance in Iraq that vitalized the antiwar movement.

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The extradition of terror suspects reveals the worst features of the security state.

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Max Blumenthal excavates the real story behind America’s dealings with the world and shows how the extremist forces that now threaten peace across the globe are the inevitable flowering of America’s imperial designs.

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A seething report on the explosive state of affairs in Britain after Blair's alliance with Bush.

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Tariq Ali dissects both Islamic and Western fundamentalism.

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Writers and activists consider the global consequences of the War on Terror.

The Spoils of War
Fully updated from the original edition. As the retreat from Kabul shows, America goes to war not to bring democracy, or glory, but in the pursuit of profit. In The Spoils of War, leading Washingto...
Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire
In this incisive account, leading scholar of Islamophobia Deepa Kumar traces the history of anti-Muslim racism from the early modern era to the “War on Terror.” Importantly, Kumar contends that Isl...
The Apocalypse and the End of History
In this authoritative, accessible study, historian Suzanne Schneider examines the politics and ideology of the Islamic State (better known as ISIS). Schneider argues that today’s jihad is not the r...
Combat Trauma
Americans have long been asked to support the troops and care for veterans' psychological wounds. Who, though, does this injunction serve?As acclaimed scholar Nadia Abu El-Haj argues here, in the A...
The rise of American Empire has coincided with appeals for a more humane war. But what if efforts to make war more ethical—to ban torture and limit civilian casualties—have only shored up the mili...
Behind Enemy Lies
In this urgent and timely book, Patrick Cockburn writes the first draft of the history of the current crisis in the Middle East.Here he charts the period from the recapture of Mosul in 2017 to Tur...
The Muslims Are Coming!
The new front in the War on Terror is the “homegrown enemy,” domestic terrorists who have become the focus of sprawling counterterrorism structures of policing and surveillance in the United Stat...
Separate and Dominate
Feminist Christine Delphy co-founded the journal Nouvelles questions féministes with Simone de Beauvoir in the 1970s and became one of the most influential figures in French feminism. Today, Delp...
The Age of Jihad
Cockburn was the first Western journalist to warn of the dangers posed by Islamic State. His originality and breadth of vision make The Age of Jihad the most in-depth analysis of the regional cr...
The Occupation
In February 2003, Patrick Cockburn secretly crossed the Tigris river from Syria into Iraq just before the US/British invasion, and has covered the war ever since. In The Occupation, he provides a v...
The Rise of Islamic State
Born of the Iraqi and Syrian civil wars, the Islamic State astonished the world in 2014 by creating a powerful new force in the Middle East. By combining religious fanaticism and military prowess...
Bush in Babylon
The assault and capture of Iraq—and the resistance it has provoked—will shape the politics of the twenty-first century. In this passionate and provocative book, Tariq Ali provides a history of Iraq...
Deport, Deprive, Extradite
When Minh Pham was extradited from Britain to the US to face terrorism related charges, his appeal against the deprivation of his British citizenship was still pending. Soon after he arrived his ap...
The Management of Savagery
Since the 1970s, Washington has been secretly funding some of the worst terrorists in the Middle East. America has supported extremists with money and hardware, including enemies such as Bin Laden...
Rough Music
On July 7, 2005, the murderous mayhem that Blair’s war has sown in Iraq came home to London in a devastating series of suicide bombings. Two weeks later, with apparent impunity, security forces sho...
The Clash of Fundamentalisms
The aerial attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, a global spectacle of unprecedented dimensions, generated an enormous volume of commentary. The inviolability of the American mainland...
War With No End
On October 7th 2001, US-led forces invaded Afghanistan, marking the start of George Bush and Tony Blair’s “War on Terror.” Six years on, where have the policies of Bush and Blair left us? Bringing ...

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