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The Verso Book Club Podcast: Brett Christophers - The Price is Wrong

In this debut episode of the newly launched Verso Book Club Podcast, Brett Christophers sits down with Eleanor Penny to discuss his new book, The Price is Wrong.

23 May 2024

The Verso Book Club Podcast: Brett Christophers - The Price is Wrong

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We're thrilled to announce the launch of our new Verso Book Club Podcast! This addition to our podcast feed offers an exclusive opportunity for book club members to engage with authors directly. Hosted by Eleanor Penny, the Verso Podcast Channel brings you insightful discussions that dive into the core of our featured books.

In his fresh analysis of the relationship between markets and the green energy transition, Brett Christophers argues that the reason we are moving too slowly toward sustainability is not due to renewables being too expensive, but rather because saving the planet is not sufficiently profitable.

By reconsidering the role of profit in shaping environmental policy, The Price is Wrong offers a path forward that transcends traditional market dynamics. An essential intervention, the book is as politically far-reaching as it is factually illuminating.

Verso Book Club members can submit questions to be answered on the podcast by our authors every month!

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The Price is Wrong
What if our understanding of capitalism and climate is back to front? What if the problem is not that transitioning to renewables is too expensive, but that saving the planet is not sufficiently pr...

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