The Making of an Atlantic Ruling Class
Dissects the rise of multinational banks and corporations in the 20th century.
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378 pages / September 2012 / 9781844678716

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288 pages / June 2014 / 9781844679362

With The Making of an Atlantic Ruling Class, Kees van der Pijl put class formation at the heart of our understanding of world politics and the global economy. This landmark study dissects one of the most decisive phenomena of the twentieth century—the rise of an Atlantic ruling class of multinational banks and corporations. A new preface by the author evaluates the book's significance in the light of recent political and economic developments.


“The research, clarity, and originality that characterize this book are impressive indeed.”

“Poses a question so very important that it must be carefully studied.”

“The merits of this book are unusually great and most original.”

“The Making of an Atlantic Ruling Class constitutes an important step forward in understanding the international dimension of class formation.”

“An excellent piece of work.”

“A masterfully intricate argument.”

“This is an important book. It is rich in detail yet highly analytical, innovative and, even more surprisingly, readily accessible.”

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