The Black Atlantic
Modernity and Double Consciousness
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March 2012 / 9780860916758

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Afrocentrism, Eurocentrism, Caribbean Studies, American Studies. To the forces of cultural nationalism trapped in their respective camps, this bold book sounds a liberating call. There is, Paul Gilroy tells us, a culture that is not specifically African, American, Caribbean, or British, but all of these at once; a black Atlantic culture whose themes and techniques transcend ethnicity and nationality to produce something new and, until now, unremarked. Challenging the practices and assumptions of cultural studies, The Black Atlantic also enriches our understanding of modernism.


“Whilst others scarcely put a toe in the water, in The Black Atlantic Gilroy goes in deep and returns with riches.”

“Paul Gilroy is one the most incisive thinkers of his generation...One can only hope that his voice travels far and wide.”

“In debates in recent years around questions of race, nation and culture, Paul Gilroy has stood out as an independent, unorthodox and (often for that very reason) exciting new voice. With his new book The Black Atlantic this voice continues to provoke and stimulate.”

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