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Jorge Luis Borges
A Writer on the Edge
by Beatriz Sarlo Edited by John King Series edited by James Dunkerley and Jean Franco
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148 pages / January 2007 / 9781844675883
An essential study of Borges as a Latin American writer.
Jorge Luis Borges is generally acknowledged to be one of the twentieth century's most significant writers. Yet in all the critical debates on his work, the fact that he is Argentinian is rarely discussed, as if his international reputation had somehow cleansed him of nationality. In this brilliant introduction to his work, Sarlo challenges these "universalist" readings, arguing that they leave aside vital aspects of Borges' writing, including his powerful vision of Argentina's past and its traditions, which placed both the writer and his country at the intersection of European and Latin American culture.


“Beatriz Sarlo has a breadth of understanding and a capacity to communicate from one culture to another.”

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