False Necessity
Anti-Necessitarian Social Theory in the Service of Radical Democracy
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Volume 1 of Politics, a work in constructive social theory.
False necessity is the central work in the three-volume series Politics. It presents both a way of explaining society and a program for changing it. The explanation develops a radical alternative to Marxism, showing how we can account for established social arrangements without denying their contingency or our freedom. The program offers a progressive alternative to the now-dominant ideological conceptions of neoliberalism and social democracy: a set of institutional innovations that would democratize markets, deepen democracy and empower individuals.


“[Unger] does not make moves in any game we know how to play ... [His] book may someday make possible a new national romance ... [It] will help the literate ... citizens of some country to see vistas where before they saw only dangers – see a hitherto undreamt-of national future ...”

“A philosophical mind out of the Third World turning the tables, to become synoptist and seer of the First.”

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