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Women, Resistance and Revolution: A History of Women and Revolution in the Modern World

“A key figure of the second wave.”–Melissa Benn, The Guardian

This classic book provides a historical overview of feminist strands among the modern revolutionary movements of Russia, China and the Third World. Sheila Rowbotham shows how women rose against the dual challenges of an unjust state system and social-sexual prejudice. Women, Resistance and Revolution is an invaluable historical study, as well as a trove of anecdote and example fit to inspire today’s generation of feminist thinkers and activists.


  • “Rowbotham is one of Britain's most important, if unshowy, feminist thinkers, and a key figure of the second wave.”
  • “Sheila's early writing paved the way for feminist thought and scholarship in Britain.”


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    Detail from c. 1920s Soviet poster for International Women's Day.

    First published in 1973, and reissued as part of Verso's Radical Thinkers series, 
    Women, Resistance and Revolution: A History of Women and Revolution in the Modern World — Sheila Rowbotham's first book-length study, a landmark in feminist history — reconstructs the often neglected feminist currents in the English, American, French, Russian, Chinese, Algerian, Cuban, Vietnamese revolutions, and within European socialist movements. "This is not a proper history of feminism and revolution," Rowbotham writes, "Such a story necessarily belongs to the future and will anyway be a collective creation. Instead I have tried to trace the fortunes of an idea. It is a very simple idea, but one with which we have lost touch, that the liberation of women necessitates the liberation of all human beings."

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