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The Beautiful Struggle: A Memoir

A small and beautiful epic of growing up in 1980s Baltimore, from the author of Between the World and Me

The Beautiful Struggle is an extraordinary memoir from the most important new voice in the US race debate and the author of New York Times bestseller list no. 1 Between the World and Me, hailed by Toni Morrison as “required reading.”

This small and perfectly formed epic follows the lives of boys on the journey to manhood in black America and beyond in 1980s Baltimore, a city on the verge of chaos. These youngsters needed to learn fast, and Ta-Nehisi’s father, Paul, was a fine teacher: a Vietnam vet who rolled with the Black Panthers, an old-school disciplinarian, and an autodidact who launched a publishing company in his basement. The Beautiful Struggle is a moving father-and-son story about the reality that tests us, and the love that saves us.

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  • “The young James Joyce of the hip-hop generation.”
  • “A remarkable, blunt portrait of an adolescence filled with danger, chaos, flaws, and tragedy … a love story, dispatched from the frontlines of a family.”
  • “A kind of hip-hop Portrait of the Artist.”
  • “The intellectual heir to James Baldwin.”
  • “a moving father-and-son story . . . an intense portrait of those whom the black revolution left behind, but who never broke faith with its tenets.”
  • “Told in a dreamy, lyric register redolent of a voiceover in a movie flashback, The Beautiful Struggle is both a touching portrait of filial affection and a paean to the redemptive power of culture”
  • “One of the most high-profile commentators on race in the United States ...Reading this book is an intoxicating experience”
  • “This book forces us to ask how far American society has really come, and how much further it has to go.”


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  • The Centre of a Whirlwind: Watching Whiteness Work

    Akwugo Emejulu, Senior Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, examines the politics of whiteness central to Donald Trump's presidential victory.  

    Can you see it? Do you now understand its influence and importance? Will you finally realise what is at stake? Many people of colour already understand what is going on because of a learned knowledge that ensures our survival; as Patricia Hill Collins argues, “Black women cannot afford to be fools of any type for our objectification as the Other denies us protections that white skin, maleness and wealth confer.”

    I am, of course, referring to whiteness: that political project to defend and enforce the racialised social order of white supremacy.

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  • The Correct Handling of a Revolution by Huey P. Newton

    To celebrate both Black History Month and the 50th anniversary of Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale's founding of the Black Panther Party on October 15th, we present Newton’s The Correct Handling of a Revolution from 1967. In this speech Newton compels the party to ‘show the people how to stage a revolution’. He is adamant that the function of the Party is, through demonstration, to teach an adoptable method of resistance. To spread the movement through the thirty million strong Black community in America, the Party must teach by experience. Newton puts forth both the importance of the Party’s relationship with the wider Black community, and that of internal relations, he compels for a united party against the oppressions faced, and still faced today, by the Black community. A succinct statement on the inner-workings and outward purpose of the Black Panther Party, Newton’s words still resonate today.

    We present this piece in celebration of Black History Month and the launch of our Radical Thinkers set 13. These titles include seminal works of black radicalism, from WEB Du Bois to Manning Marable

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