From Marxism to Post-Marxism?
Part of the Radical Thinkers series
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208 pages / April 2018 / 9781788732437
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194 pages / February 2009 / 9781844671885

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208 pages / December 2010 / 9781844676309

A comprehensive history of the development of Marxist theory and the parameters of 21st-century politics

In this pithy and panoramic work—both stimulating for the specialist and accessible to the general reader—one of the world’s leading social theorists, Göran Therborn, traces the trajectory of Marxism in the twentieth century and anticipates its legacy for radical thought in the twenty-first.


“Impressive … with a finely tuned style of analysis and judgment.”

“One could not hope for a better guide for the arduous journey still to come.”

“Regular readers of the New Left Review will find in this book many of the traits associated with that journal: a broad—sometimes Olympian—sweep; a level-headed combination of radical critique and sober analysis; a dialectical conception of society as a ‘totality,’ irreducible to this or that social-scientific discipline.”

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