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Politics Noir: Dark Tales from the Corridors of Power

They seek power at any price, and pay with the devil’s own coin!
From authors including National Book Award winner Pete Hautman, Deadly Ink 2007 winner Darrell James, and renowned social commentator turned short-story writer Mike Davis, Politics Noir is a chilling and subversive collection of new crime stories featuring greed, corruption, insatiable ambition—and murder in the very highest places.
With contributions by Black Artemis, Ken Bruen, Mike Davis, Robert Greer, Pete Hautman, Darrell James, Jake Lamar, Michele Martinez, Sujata Massey, Twist Phelan, John Shannon, and Ken Wishnia


  • Real Qualities of the Microcosm: Raymond Chandler in Los Angeles, USA

    Fredric Jameson has been writing about Raymond Chandler since 1970. Raymond Chandler: The Detections of the Totality presents a "stereoscopic" perspective on the great American detective novelist in three essays synthesized from Jameson's writings on Chandler over the years. The post below is excerpted from the first.   

    A long time ago when I was writing for the pulps I put into a story a line like “He got out of the car and walked across the sun-drenched sidewalk until the shadow of the awning over the entrance fell across his face like the touch of cool water.” They took it out when they published the story. Their readers didn’t appreciate this sort of thing — just held up the action. I set out to prove them wrong. My theory was that the readers just thought they cared about nothing but the action; that really, although they didn’t know it, the thing they cared about, and that I cared about, was the creation of emotion through dialogue and description.

    That the detective story represented something more to Raymond Chandler than a mere commercial product, furnished for popular entertainment purposes, can be judged from the fact that he came to it late in life, with a long and successful business career behind him.

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